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Is it safe?

Yes, Evanesco Tattoo Removal cream is 100% natural with no Bleaching Chemicals like Trichloroacetic Acid. Is Evanesco like all the other Tattoo removal creams? There is NO product on the Market like Evanesco, all creams that are on the market are “Faders” and require months to a year of usage. Our cream is a one time application. 100% natural and will remove your tattoo.

What are the Ingredients?

Anacardium occidentale nut Oil (Cashew Nut), Citrus Lemon Extract (Ficus), Carcia Extract, D-ionized Water and Talc.

Do you get a Scar after using the cream?

This is very rare, if the product is not used as directed in the instructions, scarring can occur. Don’t leave the cream on the skin longer than 60 seconds. And let the scab heal naturally.

Your Product Contains an acid, is this not dangerous?

Yes Our cream contains an Natural acid. Citrus and Lemon Acid. When you follow all the directions and not leave the cream sit on your skin for longer than 1 minute. it will not scar your skin. Many product contain acid and are used on a daily basis. A chemical peel has many acids in it and is also safe to use as long as you follow all the directions and never let it sit to long.

How long will it take to remove my tattoo?

This all depends on the size of your tattoo. We advise to use only 2 sets of Evanesco Tattoo Removal cream at a time on a tattoo. You can start treating the next area 1 week after your first application. The actual procedure takes only about 10 minutes, and your skin should heal within 2-4 weeks of application.

How long do I leave the cream on mt Tattoo?

This all depends on the area and your skin type. Never leave the cream on your skin for longer than 1 minutes. as a general rule. you look for a red circle to form around the treated area, after you put the cream on your tattoo,  This red circle indicate that the cream did it work, . To get specific instructions on your tattoo. call us after you received your order for a free Video training  session with one of our Tattoo removal specialist,

Can I do it myself?

We Highly recommend asking someone else to do the procedure for you. Only when your tattoo is on an easy to access place can you safely apply the product to your self.

Will my Tattoo be gone after 1 simple application?

In almost all cases a one-time use of Evanesco Tattoo Removal cream will completely remove your tattoo. There are some cases when a second treatment may need to be done to remove 100% of your tattoo. (This all depends on your skin color, type and age of your tattoo) and if you have applied the product to all places.

Does it hurt?

When the Cream is applied, you will feel a mild stinging sensation (a mild burning). It will not hurt more than getting an tattoo.

Will the cream work on all skin tones?

Yes Evanesco cream will remove Tattoos from any skin type, keep in mind that it can take more than 6 months before your skin start getting its original color back.

Why Do I need to scratch my Tattoo before applying the cream?

For the cream to better penetrate the skin, we do require that you scratch up your top layer of the skin. with a small 30g. Lancet. you Do NOT have to scratch anything away. or go deep in to your skin. This phase just helps the cream to penetrate in to the dermis layer of the skin.

Can I use Evanesco cream on all body parts?

we do not recommend usage on the face, skull, neck and genital area’s . We strongly discourage to use the cream on the inside of your hands, Evanesco cream is safe to use on permanent eye brow tattoo. and your hair particulars will grow back after treatment.

Can I refuse the shipment?

We Do offer refunds, for unopened items. to file your refund. contact us true the Chat agent and create a ticket and ask for an RMA Form. Simple fill this out and follow the instructions on the form. 

How can I get a refund?

We CANNOT and WILL NOT accept packages marked as “Refused” or “Return to Sender” for refunds. This is illegal and these packages will be thrown out and no refund will be provided. ONLY packages WITH an RMA number will be honored.


If you have any additional questions on how to use the cream, Chat with us or leave us a massage. please check out the instructional page or contact us at: 888-257-2994