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FAQ's (continued)

Is Evanesco cream the best way to remove my tattoo?


This all depends on your situation, we don’t recommend our cream for large, facial (except for Eyebrow tattoos) or tattoos in the genital area. If time is an issue our cream is your best bet.

Also do Not use if you are Allergic to Any PEANUT PRODUCTS!



Can I do it myself?


We Highly recommend asking someone else to do the procedure for you. Only when your tattoo is on an easy to access place can you safely apply the product to yourself.



Will my Tattoo be gone after 1 simple application?


In most cases, a one-time use of Evanesco Tattoo Removal Cream will completely remove your tattoo. There are cases when a second treatment may need to be done to remove 100% of your tattoo. (This all depends on your skin color, type and age of your tattoo) If your tattoo was not set by an professional tattoo artist it can take multiple treatments of our cream to get results. Also if you already had laser treatment done, it can take more treatments with our cream to remove your tattoo completely. As with any tattoo removal system we can not guarantee how many treatments you will need. It can be one or many more. Please read more about how tattoo removal works before using our cream.



How long will it take to remove my tattoo?


This all depends on the size of your tattoo. On average you will start seeing results in 2 to 3 weeks. After which the scab will fall of. After this your skin can go in the angry red skin phase, where the redness will disrepair and the skin will smooth out. (sometimes multiple treatments are needed.)



Does it hurt?


When the cream is applied, you will feel a mild stinging sensation (In some sensitive areas it can be a strong stinging sensation.).

It normally does not hurt more than getting a tattoo. But lets be real here, there is just NO way to remove a tattoo without any discomfort. It doesn’t matter what type of treatment you try.



Will the cream work on all skin tones?


Yes, Evanesco Cream will remove tattoos from any skin type, although some skin types may be harder to treat. Keep in mind that it can take more than 6 months before your skin starts getting its original color back.



Why Do I need to scratch my Tattoo before applying the cream?


For the cream to better penetrate the skin, we require you to "scratch up" the top layer of your skin with a small 30g. Lancet.

You Do NOT have to scratch anything away, or go deep into your skin. This phase just helps the cream to penetrate into the upper dermis layers of the skin.



Can I use Evanesco Cream on all body parts?


We do not recommend usage on the face, skull, neck and genital areas.


We strongly discourage use of the cream on the inside of your hands.


Evanesco cream is safe to use on permanent eye brow tattoos, and your hair particulars will grow back after treatment.



Can I send the product back if not used?


Yes we offer a refund for items that are still in the original box with the black pouch sealed.


If the pouch has been broken a refund will not be awarded. We only honor refunds on boxes that were ordered less than 30 days prior, however we do not offer a refund on the shipping and do charge a 15% restocking fee. To send in the box back. Please download an RMA form on the Contact-us page.



How can I get a refund?


We CANNOT and WILL NOT accept packages marked as “Refused” or “Return to Sender” for refunds. This is illegal since we  ship all packages insured. These packages will be thrown out and no refund will be provided. ONLY packages WITH an RMA number will be honored.




If you have any additional questions on how to use the cream, please check out the instructional page, and ALWAYS do the FREE Skype training session before using the cream.


If you have any additional questions regarding Evanesco Tattoo Removal cream Chat with one of our Specialists, or leave a ticket if we are not online





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