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To Understand the working power of Evanesco cream we can talk about the amazing Dermatological characteristics of the Anacardic Acids from the Cashew nut shell oils, with the combination of the Carcia Extract. That gives our cream a polarization time of a mere couple of minutes. But we rather have you experience the power of the cream your self or read some of the testimonials.

~ “I was very skeptical at first an other Tattoo cream? but I noticed my tattoo changing right after the cream was taken off” John K

~ “Burning Sensation when applied but results blew my mind away”. Mao A.

~ “Did not believe this would work, but after 2 sessions my ugly tattoo is completely gone, wish I had found this years ago” Stacy A

~ “I had tried laser treatment, and fading creams. but Evanesco cream got rid of my tattoo really fast” Eddie L.

~ “To good to be true, affordable and quick? That was my first reaction.But I have to say this really does work. And I’m so happy with results. It Took my mistake away and I got a nice new Tattoo that I really do like” M.M.