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To Understand the working power of Evanesco cream we can talk about the amazing Dermatological characteristics of the Anacardic Acids from the Cashew nut shell oils, with the combination of the Carcia Extract. That gives our cream a polarization time of a mere couple of minutes. But we rather have you experience the power of the cream your self or read some of the testimonials.

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~”My Mom ordered the perfect Evanesco product for me so she also thought she had to book my session for me. Thus she booked for 9:30 am PST this morning while my original appointment was at 7:15 am PST. So I assumed that the 7:15 am was canceled automatically. Thus when Rachelle called I was getting ready and was unable to get the phone [Sorry about that Rachelle!]. I did return the call about 10 or 15 minutes later and left a message. And Rachelle got back to me within a minute and gave me perfect verbal instructions over the phone because I am unable to get Skype on my Mac Mini. Evanesco is the best product and by far the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE! “Thank you all very much!”

Your truly,

Victoria BC 02-20-15

~”Just wanted to give an update by saying that I’m a very happy costumer due to the fact that the cream removed the black ink from my tattoo. I was hesitant at first but now I’m a true believer. I’m still in the healing process and need to touch up some areas that I missed. Two thumbs up to Evanesco”

Texas 08/11/2014

~”I purchased this a month or so ago, so I am so pleased and impressed i have purchased the light, pen light and various acid peels and got very little results. This, is WOW, I love this stuff. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you. I really do love this product. I wasted so much money over the last two years, from wreckingbalm to laser lights and acid peels. finding this and being the cheapest, but worked the best”

Louisiana 08/01/2014

~”I was very skeptical at first.  I have tried a lot of products trying to get rid of this tattoo.  (Mid-life crisis sucks!  Trust me buy a car.)

I try to avoid chemicals if possible.  My body doesn’t need more crap in it.

I have tried fade creams, following instructions carefully, and gotten NO results.
When I read about Evanesco Cream I was skeptical, I have diabetes and healing for me is very different than those who don’t have it.
I decided to try it in just a small area.  So I started with just the darkest and easy to do areas.  As you can see from the pictures there is a large area to work with and LOTS of shading.
Following the instructions carefully I used the lancet to score my skin and then applied the cream to the area.  It hurt, but no more than getting the tattoo.  I waited the appropriate time and then wiped off the cream.  I could see immediately that the area had been affected.  I kept the area clean and covered, the scabbing that comes with healing was not pretty but I was hopeful.  When the scab came off and I could see that the ink was gone.  I was so happy!  I don’t care if there is some scaring, personally, I am just glad that there is something out there that will make the ink (and the results of a bad decision) go away. The embarrassment of having this tattoo has made me very subconscious of my skin.  I have other tattoos that I am proud of and will gladly show them off but this one has to go.

This has been the best thing ever for me and to know that this product is made of natural elements makes me even happier.  I am still in the process of getting rid of the “eyesore” but with time it will all be gone.

Thank you so much for this product!  It has been a life saver for me and when this tattoo is gone, I will be able to wear shorts again.  I am recommending this product to everyone I meet who says they hate their tattoo.

Thank you again for helping me get rid of the results of a BAD decision.”
Margaret B.
Kuna, Idaho

~ “Stings, but isn’t a tattoo painful? Tattoo is gone. Will definitely use on other tats. Tried other things and this is the only one that worked.”                                                                    Constance W.

~ “I was very skeptical at first an other Tattoo cream? but I noticed my tattoo changing right after the cream was taken off” John K

~”I had researched pretty much everything and was skeptical that anything short of laser removal would actually work. I have been amazed at how quickly this has worked to remove my unwanted ink! I would recommend this to anyone that wants to remove a mistake!”                                                                                                                                   John. R.

~ “Burning Sensation when applied but results blew my mind away”. Mao A.

~ “Did not believe this would work, but after 2 sessions my ugly tattoo is completely gone, wish I had found this years ago” Stacy A

~ “I had tried laser treatment, and fading creams. but Evanesco cream got rid of my tattoo really fast” Eddie L.

~ “To good to be true, affordable and quick? That was my first reaction.But I have to say this really does work. And I’m so happy with results. It Took my mistake away and I got a nice new Tattoo that I really do like” M.M.