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Evanesco Cream

We have fine tuned an ancient East Asian recipe that was used to remove old tribal tattoos and treat other skin conditions. For centuries the tribe members were using an extract from the Cashew Nut Shell Oil (CSNL) and through the process of distillation we were able to extract the Anacardic acids from the CSNL and condense it to a concentrated formula. The dermatological characteristics of this extract is similar to poison ivy, but much more potent in comparison. With this formula, combined with the Carcia extract, we are able to provide a product that has a polarization time of a mere couple of minutes. In some cases  Evanesco™ cream will provide the best results after only 1 minute of direct contact with the skin. But this depends on many factors.  Like area. Size and design of your tattoo.

The healing process of the dermatological reaction will take up to 2-3 weeks under normal conditions and may vary slightly depending on the person. The affected area should be treated with vitamin E oil or cocoa butter to prevent hypertrophic scar tissues from forming. It is also recommended to massage the treated area to prevent immature collage bundles from forming. In some cases a second application of the cream may be required to remove some missed areas of the tattoo where the cream did not penetrate deep enough into the dermis layer.


Evanesco ™ Cream has been used for over 15 years by Multiple Physicians and Dermatologists with amazing results, and now we have made this cream available for retail sales.

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