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Remove Tattoos Fast & Effectively with Evanesco!

  • -All Natural Ingredients

  • -Works on Old and New tattoos

  • -Free One on One training Included

  • -Not a Fading Cream

  • -Faster results than laser treatment

  • -Takes out Any Color

  • -Shipped Worldwide

  • -Made In the USA

  • -See Results in Weeks

  • -Affordable

  • -Guaranteed to take your Ink Away

  • -No Daily Applications

  • -Works on Any Skin Type

  • -Safe for the removal of Eye brow tattoos

Evanesco Tattoo Removal Cream

Evanesco ™ tattoo removal Cream is made from 100% ALL NATURAL ingredients! And will removes your tattoo, Dont take our word for it. Check out actual costumers testimony on our Facebook page. Or the Ebay listing.

 The combination of Cashew Nut Oil Extract and Carcia Extract produces a dermatological reaction that gently removes the Skin where your Tattoo is set. Your body will then regenerate new skin where you once had that unwanted tattoo. In most instances a One time application will remove all the ink.  but sometimes multiple treatments need to be done (this all depends on the quality of the Ink used, skin type, location and the skills of the Tattoo artist) Like with all tattoo removal treatments, There is NO one size fits all approach.

Evanesco ™ tattoo removal  cream only needs to be applied once and will react with the Upper-dermis layer of your skin within minutes (depending where on your body your tattoo is located, each area on the body will have a different activation time). After that your skin will form a scab and the healing process will start. And the only thing you have to do is treat your scab like any regular scab. We do Guarantee that our cream will remove your ink. but do understand that it can take more than one treatment to see results.

Within a few weeks this scab will naturally fall off and you see that the ink has disappeared in some cases a touch up application is needed to remove any left over ink.

Evanesco ™ cream Will NOT burn your skin away or leave lasting scars if you follow the instructions,  ALWAYS take advantage of our FREE Skype training session with one of our removal technicians. to make sure that the instructions are clear and to get personalized advise on your tattoo.  Our cream Does has Citrus lemon Acid as one of the ingredients but the overall pH of our cream is 9 so our cream is alkaline and is therefor Corrosive and not an Acid.

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